Client-Side Project Management

Feeling overwhelmed and looking for someone to take the stress out of Your Project?

Whether it’s being your sounding board on how to communicate with your builder or running your projects as the lead consultant, Mat & the team at MPD Building Consultants are here to assist.

As an active builder, being the proud owner of the residential design and construct company Covemade and with a wealth of experience gained with Mat’s 25 continuous years as a head contractor across the residential, commercial and industrial sector. MPD Building Consultants are the right choice when it comes to guiding you through your project journey.

Mat Dale has over 25 years experience as a head contractor across all sectors of the building industry including residential, commercial and industrial projects.

At MPD Building Consultants, we can play a crucial role in overseeing and coordinating all aspects of your construction project. From initial concept and design development, procurement and management of specialist consultants, engagement and management of the builder and the construction process, to final handover and beyond.

We can liaise and coordinate with architects, consultants, contractors, and suppliers, initiate the tender process, manage contracts, monitor progress, and resolve any issues that may arise like project delays or variations. Our ultimate responsibility is to reduce stress along the way to deliver a high-quality home that you are proud of.

We provide the following services:


Project coordination

MPD Building Consultants can take the lead consultant role and coordinate all aspects of your building or remediation project. At all times, we ensure clear and effective communication between all stakeholders, including the home owner, architects and designers, specialists consultants, the builder and contractors.


Goal setting

We will listen and work closely with you to understand your Why. Including your vision, your must-haves, project budget and timeline. Translating your Why into achievable project goals. Essentially, your project wish list.


Budget Management

We will generate and review realistic cost estimates, negotiate contracts, and track expenditures to ensure your project stays within the defined budget.


Schedule Management

We create and maintain your overall project schedule. We establish realistic timelines, identify critical milestones, and closely monitor progress at all stages, coordinating with all parties involved to ensure timely completion.


Risk assessment and mitigation

At all times, we thoroughly analyse potential risks and uncertainties associated with your project. We develop risk management plans and strategies to minimise and mitigate those risks, ensuring the project's progress remains on track.


Quality Control

We play a crucial role in ensuring the quality of your build. We establish and enforce quality standards and compliance via regular inspections, and work with the builder and subcontractors to rectify any non compliance or defects.



With our regular inspections, we work to ensure your build complies with Australian Standards, manufacturers installation guidelines and your councils legislation. We ensure that all contractors are licensed and actively insured for their individual trade.


Project closeout and handover

Towards the conclusion of the project, we oversee all necessary handover activities, including final inspections, documentation, warranties to achieve the occupation certificate, and handover of the building to you.