Critical Stage Reports

What is a Critical Stage Report?

Whether it’s reviewing your plans and contract, inspecting the roof and wall framing, or a final handover report; engaging a trusted and qualified building consultant to carry out critical stage inspections is an inexpensive way to ensure your project is compliant and of a high quality at every step of the build journey.

Engaging MPD Building Consultants to conduct your critical stage inspection provides many benefits:

We have access to and are well versed across all relevant Australian Standards, National Construction Code and best practices.

We act as an independent third party who provides unbiased assessment and early detection of defective works or poor workmanship allowing for timely rectification before the defect becomes a major problem.

Provide peace of mind, by undertaking thorough inspections and detailed reports.

Why Choose MPD Building Consultants for Critical Stage Reports in Sydney?

Although we could inspect your property anytime, our recommendations for Critical Stage Inspections include:

Contact us today to schedule your Critical Stage Report. Trust MPD Building Consultants for your Critical Stage Report needs in Sydney.