Technical Reports for Building Defects

What is a Technical Report?

A Technical Report by MPD Building Consultants plays a crucial role in the analysis of a specific defects and is often the first step in a Defect Claim or dispute between a home owner and a builder or contractor.

A technical report usually involves review of relevant plans, contracts and specifications, carefully conducting a site investigation of the current conditions and providing a clear, thorough and objective report outlining our findings and the remediation process.

If required, MPD Building Consultants can continue supporting you through the remediation process including creating scope of works and managing the tender process, providing recommendations for appropriate contractors, and providing technical guidance along the way. (See project management for further information)

Combing Through the Details

Our clients often reach out to us relating to a specific problem such as a chronic roof leak, rotten timber members, mould in the sub floor or bathroom or even poor workmanship from a recent renovation or new build. They also may want advice on where to start with a renovation and how best to navigate their construction journey to minimise the stress and costly oversights. When it comes to structural or water ingress defects, we may at times recommend further investigation such as invasive inspections, water testing or the engagement of specialist consultants like a mould expert or structural engineer.

After a Technical Report has been completed, you may also need:

1. Scope of Works Report

This includes a Regulated Design for submission to NSW Department of Planning). A Scope of Work Report is a detailed Report to assist you in securing quotes from relevant contractors.

2. Tender Selection Process

We can arrange site inspections & quotes from 2-4 suitably qualified & reputable contractors. We analyse these & provide further insight & guidance in selecting the most appropriate contractor.

3. Milestone Inspections

We can perform staged inspections during the works to assist with payment claims and quality control. We also act as your technical advisors so if there is a variation claim for further work, you may ask us to assess it independently to ensure it is warranted.

Why Choose MPD Building Consultants for Technical Reports in Sydney?

Contact us today to schedule your Technical Report Inspection. Trust MPD Building Consultants for your Technical Report needs in Sydney.



With over 25+ years of experience in the industry, our team has a keen eye for identifying issues in a home.



We leave no stone unturned, ensuring you receive a comprehensive, detailed report.



Our inspection reports are easy to understand and transparent, allowing you to make informed decisions.


Customer-Centric Approach

We prioritise your needs and concerns, tailoring our inspections to address specific areas of interest.


Quick Turnaround

We understand the urgency of property transactions. Our team ensures a swift turnaround, so you can move forward with confidence.